Zac cœur de ville – La possession


Delivery of phase 1 in September 2017

Delivery of phase 2 under construction


Client : SEMADER for the city La Possession

Project Management team :

Commissioning urban planner : Leu, Atelier LD

Landscaper : Atelier LD


Light : Scène publique

Area : 34 HA – Full project manager

Cost : 17 M€HT


Photo credit : © A. Diss


The ZAC is the new town center for the commune of La Possession on Reunion Island. The multi-disciplinary team selected was entrusted with several missions: a mission as chief urban planner of the ZAC, including the drafting of sustainable development guidelines for development and construction, tools intended for future developers and architects, and a mission as project manager for public spaces.


The design creates a simple, high-quality common ground, giving pride of place to pedestrians, paying careful attention to rainwater management, offering extensive planting and a highly controlled lighting ambience. The team placed sustainable development at the heart of the project, focusing on three themes : preservation of the existing tree-covered landscape, technological innovation to reduce the carbon footprint, and enhancement of biodiversity.


The lighting equipment used is in line with the ambitions of the development : by choosing color temperatures adapted to the preservation of the island’s remarkable flora and fauna, and by selecting equipment with zero Ulorà to protect the night sky. By adapting the lighting objectives, solar solutions could be envisaged on a number of soft pathways to limit lighting levels, lower consumption and reduce investment.

Scène Publique
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