Zac du Moulon – Plateau de Saclay


Start of research in May 2017

Handover of 1st phase in autumn 2021


Client : EPA of Saclay

Project Management team :

Commissioning urban planer/landscaper : Bruel DELMAR

BET : Artelia

Lighting : Scène Publique

Area : 300 HA

Cost : 43 M€HT


Photo credit : © Agathe Argod


The consortium was chosen to manage the development project, which is now in its operational phase, with the opening of several higher education establishments, including Centrale Supelec, ENS and Université Paris Sud.


The recently completed phase concerns the deck, a major space on the scale of the urban campus, designed to accommodate the future ENS forecourt (back to school in 2019) and the line 18 station (by 2025).


Stretching from the Plaine des Sports in the west to the large terrace in the east, the Deck is the central crossing space of the Moulon district. The coherence of the public lighting project affirms it as a single entity, and breaking it down into several urban sequences does nothing to detract from its magisterial dimension. The programs bordering the Deck, the École normale supérieure, the Learning Center, the BPC cluster, the hotel and the GrandParis metro are all highlighted. The lighting of public spaces ensures the coherence of these nocturnal images.


The phase currently underway is the construction of pedestrian links between the plateau and the valley. Controlling the environmental impact is the key challenge of this new phase, and the project has been adapted accordingly: light points have a luminous flux of less than 100 lm, color temperatures have been modified (2700K max) and the Ulor of the luminaires selected is less than 4%, in compliance with the December 2018 decree on light pollution.

Scène Publique
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