Italy Square – Paris


Delivery in may 2020


Client : DVD, Paris

Project management team :

Commissioning landscaper architect  : Cabinet Merlin et Gautier&Conquet

Light : Scène Publique

Area : 0,5HA – MOE Complète

Lighting installation budget : 500 000 €HT


Photo credit : © Philippe Ruaul


As part of this political program, the Place d’Italie is being redeveloped in two phases. In the central garden, the Paris City Council wanted to see an “artistic illumination” project, i.e. a lighting installation that frees itself from the constraints of the layout. The work is visible both day and night.


The central garden features 18, 8.30 m high, mirror-polished stainless steel stakes. Ten of these form a circle around the central fountain, while the other eight, in groups of two, lead to the pedestrian walkways. The stakes are designed like mikados, with a shiny black central section, while above and below, the stainless steel finish is shiny and polished to a mirror finish. Triangular in cross-section, all the stakes have a south-facing face, so as to reflect and thus multiply the presence of natural light in the center of the square during the day.


Click here  to consult the booklet on the Place d’Italie lighting project, produced by Scène Publique.

At night, the mikados sparkle. The Glass Lens lighting system was developed for the project. 30Glass Lens, 10 per face, diffuse a dynamic colored light according to a programmed scenario, different according to days, events and seasons.


This installation gives the square a new identity, day and night.

Scène Publique
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