Theater scenography – Micky & Addie


Créteil(94) in January 2017


Direction : Compagnie La Rousse

Scenography and light : Scène Publique

Production supporter : La drac Île-de-France, Le ministère de la culture et de la communication – Le Conseil Régional d’Île-de-France – Created by MAC


Photos credits : © Cie La Rousse © Agathe Argod


Between image and light, the show experiments with live shooting and simultaneous broadcasting on a screen in front of or behind the actor and/or actress. The evocation of places and situations remains theatrical.

This is not cinema with real sets, but a game of making cinema…

Each actor is the craftsman of his story in the image.


The technicians manipulate the sets, props and lights live and set up the scenes with the actors on stage. Audiences watch as the filming becomes the show. Their gaze moves from the actors on the set to the projections on the screens.


As part of the process of making a live film, the audience can be asked to take part in the sound effects, to act as extras, to help the costume designer and to become temporary make-up artists or hairdressers. They are active and involved spectators.

Scène Publique
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