The reflections of the lake – Lago maggiore light festival


“les reflets du lac” – 1st edition of the lago maggiore light festival


Created in september 2018

Curator : Bianca Tresoldi


Photo credit: © Agathe Argod


From the street, moving waves of colour projected onto the walls invite you to venture beneath the arcades…


Click here to see the video of the “lake reflections” installation


These direct and reflected lights undulate like the surface of the water, the serene and silent night-time atmosphere evoking the harmonious landscapes of the lake.


Reflection in water is the motif at play in the public space, thanks to glass, water and solar-powered light studs.

The solar studs are recharged during the day and can be installed wirelessly at night, making them easy to install.


These colourful, dynamic lights, turned towards the floor and ceiling, respond to each other like their own reflection.

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