Peninsula – Caen


Handover in 2017


Client : City of Caen

Project Management team :

Commissioning Landscaper Architect : M. Desvign


Light : Scène publique

Area : 11,4HA – full MOE

Cost : 10 M€HT


Photo credit : © Xavier BOYMOND


The development of the pointe presqu’île, a site bordered by water on both sides – the Saint-Pierre Basin, the Caen Canal and the channel – gives priority to soft traffic – pedestrian and cycle routes – and organises the forecourts of the major facilities with a regional influence, while leaving a major void, a large lawn opening up a masterly view of the Abbaye aux Dames.



The lighting fixtures and quality of light proposed for the tip of the peninsula are common to all the equipment installed on the island. They are distinct from the fixtures and ambiences installed in related areas. The existing upstream and downstream lighting systems will be interrupted.


Today, the site offers beautiful views over the city of Caen. In order to preserve these unobstructed views of the surrounding area, the equipment is set back from the riverbanks and set into the tree lines.


At night, the island is perceived as a park. The desire to transform these spaces into a convivial place has led to the widespread use of warm white diode sources.


The line of furniture used in the project is very simple. It consists of a square-section pole supporting arms of the same cross-section. The arms incorporate one or more adjustable LED lighting modules. In this way, the furniture can run parallel to the road, breaking with the traditional alignment of public lighting.

Scène Publique
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