Zac Gare-La-Vallée – Amiens


Delivery phase 1 in 2012

Delivery phase 2 in 2019

Delivery phase 3 in progress


Client : Amiens Métropole

Project management team :

Landscape management : Empreinte

Urban planner : Chemetov, Atelier massena

Lighting : Scène Publique, project leader S. Servant – phase 2

Area : 170 HA – Full project management

Cost : 35M excl. VAT


Photos credits : © Barbier and © Agathe Argod

AVP GEN-eclairage viaire

The “Gare la Vallée” urban development project covers an area of 170 hectares, between the railroad tracks at Amiens station and the banks of the River Somme. The aim is to strengthen the economic development of the conurbation through the creation of office buildings, but also to meet the strong demand for housing.


The main orientations guiding the project are to open up the district and connect it to the city center, to upgrade the overall quality of the area through the development of infrastructures and public spaces, coupled with the installation of new structuring public facilities (FRAC, media library), and to involve local residents in the future of the site.


The development contributes to the town’s renewed attractiveness by offering two large parks overlooking the Somme, and by providing services to users thanks to the furniture installed in the public space.

Amiens tellier

The nocturnal discovery of the new district is organized as a succession of events, with safe, animated routes at all hours of the night. Different lighting regimes for different materials optimize installation and consumption without compromising the quality of the ambience. The successive phases of the project mean that the guide plan has to be constantly updated, in line with work already carried out and changes in equipment.

Scène Publique
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